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Here our a couple of awesome pics of Croatian team rider, Ana Rumiha, having some fun… 







Check out some sweet footage of 2009 Nikita Chickita:

Nikita is throwing an awesome party in celebration of the 5th annual Ms. Super Park! DJs, babes, and drinks will be in attendance at Mammoth Village’s Lakanuki Bar. Don’t miss out on the festivities!


I have been wearing all my band shirts out, and my nikita tshirts from last year because it has been warming up.  I went out to a st patty’s day parade this weekend and street skated there the entire time on one gap KILLING my legs!  I had to walk up to my car up a 3 mile city road that slants up at like a 70 degree angle, so my thighs feel like I ran a marathon, still… my legs haven’t hurt this bad since I was really young lol!  However, I have a few pictures from that day street skating, none with the parade sadly.  We are working on a video for me, but the last weekend I went out street skating I somehow erased all my footage, so I was angry I have to go back and re do it all!

(the first pic is me pre smacking my lip onto that rail, it was the first try and the last try, i was attempting to manual ollie out and it idn’t work, luckily my lip ring took the blow lol then there are some from when i got back to the park)







Check out Mimi and a bunch of skate ladies taking a little roadtrip to Woodward:

Surf babe, Addie Gibson, gives us an update about life on the beach:


“We were on a trip down to cocoa for a contest, and after a long day of surfing our heats, me, and my friends decided to go spend the last 20 minutes of sunshine on the beach.  While me and my other surf buddy were heading to the water, my friend that loves taking pictures decided to take some pictures of us while running to the water….and BAM!  She got this perfect shot of me!Also my mom and other friends took the other pictures of surfing the waves were really fun and I had a blast!”






Three is the magic number and this is the third opportunity of its kind from Nikita offering a couple of lucky ladies the chance to shine among some of our best team riders, in our Spring/Summer 2010 photoshoot that will take place in Miami this spring.  Two lucky girls will be picked to join the Nikita team for the photoshoot, earning a spot in all our Spring/Summer 2010 catalogues, websites and perhaps some full page ads in international magazines! Will one of them be …you?! 


Last year's winners, Laura Austin & Pia Anette Brandvik, travelled to the Fall/Winter photoshoot in Berlin.

Last year's winners, Laura Austin & Pia Anette Brandvik, travelled to the Fall/Winter photoshoot in Berlin.







All you have to do to take part is send in some pictures of yourself as the new Nikita girl! Photos can be as entertaining, wild and creative as you want to make them but most importantly, we want to see what you look like and hear in your own words what you enjoy doing.  At the very least we need one full body shot, one portrait shot (of the face!) and details of how tall you are.

Make sure to understand that we will be shooting some bikinis as well as our full streetwear line!









·          Include your name, address, date of birth and contact details

·          You can send in as many pictures as you want but total file size of all the pictures must not exceed 2 MB

·          E-mail your entries to before 15th April 2009

·          Entrants must be able to travel to the photoshoot location from 4th – 12th May 2009


* Please note that entrants must be 18 years old or over and have a valid passport.  Your entries may also be showcased via Nikita’s website, Myspace and Facebook.






Just make sure to get your entries in before 15th April 2009 as the photoshoot will be taking place just following selection, from 4th – 12th May 2009, so we’ll need enough time to get your flights booked and let everyone know you’ll be joining us!

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