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Sideway Sistas is a new project from Nikita and it is still in the making.  Putting together a 200 page coffee table style scrapbook is underway and every day there is new content to be included. 



The book will be a celebration together with every ‘sideway sista’ out there; a compilation of stories, narrative, words and pictures, photographs, illustrations and drawings shared from all over the world.  This is where you come in – if you have something to say or show and want to share it, you can also be included.  Simply e-mail what you want to  You have until the 30th April to get your entries in.



Sideway Sistas is the title of the book and will be launched in 2010, exact date to be confirmed.  It will include fragments of archives from Nikita’s 10 year history pieced together with photos, comments and a look back to the beginning.  A sweet taste of Nikita past and present and a whole lot more besides.  In addition it will be filled with contributions from the Nikita family, friends and you!  Your entries are also to be a part of the finished article, so for all female shredders out there, get sending in details and pictures of your good times too!



The book is being expertly compiled and edited by the talented Thordis Claessen, a graphic designer and illustration artist – for more info check out her website,


All e-mailable entries can be sent to or you can send in material to:

Sideway Sistas Project

Nikita HQ

Skipholt 25

105 Reykjavik



N.B. Please make sure to include full name, address, telephone, e-mail and any other info you feel relevant.  We accept all types of files and sizes but for maximum print quality, it’s best if the pictures sent in are at least 2000 x 3000 pixels (maximum 5MB).  If in doubt, give us a shout!  If there’s anything you need returning please include a SAE and details of what you want back. 



Thanks to all and celebrate with us!



Teale surfed against some of the top girls in the state of Florida at Sebastian Inlet and placed 2nd!  Congrats Teale for kicking some major ass!




Nikita girl Vera Janssen has been busy filming for Alterna. Check out the links below to the official website and also the updated blog…



She’ll be filming “until there is no more snow.”  A name for the new movie hasn’t been released as yet but there is a teaser and all that is to come….


My epic Montana sled trip was a trip of many firsts: first time going out on a sled into the backcountry, doubling and driving one, first time in the mountains of western Montana, first time riding Whitefish and Lone Trail Powder Mountain resorts, first pond skim!!!

I pretty much showed up in Bozeman and was told that I was going on a sled trip with my buddy Shane Stalling and photographer Jeff Hawe. It was a play-it-by-ear trip the whole way through. Here are some highlights:)



Jeff and Shane negotiating parking at near Superior, MT. We ended up sledding 20+ miles in, over lots of whoops, over a pass and into Idaho. I learned that day that doubling was a lot of work and that nothing stays attached to a sled flying 40 mph over whoops.


Whitefish is a REAL ski town, a ski town where ski patrol buys a keg every Wednesday for everyone.


My lone track in the mountains near Glacier National Park.


Happy at the bottom of a fun zone.


Beautiful burnout at dusk.


My first pond skim!! Shane suggest we do doubles…he then destroyed me with his wake. This is at Lone Trail Powder Mountain, a sweet mom and pop resort that is only open on weekends and has only doubles and rope tows! Fresh pow all day and no one there:)


Already soaking wet, my second attempt and I made it through!


Third go from a little lower down and disaster! But I did end up winning the Best Aqua Scorpion award! You know its a good one when water goes up your nose.


It was a good time had by all!




It was one of those REAL windy days at Mammoth…who’d have thought. Since my recent Montana trip, my new moto is to live by is “when in doubt, go snowmobiling!”. So we took some sleds out to enjoy the views and build a jump. I only got to hit it once by the time we finished building it but hopefully it will snow lots soon:)












I pretty much showed up in Bozeman and was told that I was going on a sled trip with my buddy Shane Stalling and photographer Jeff Hawe. It was a play-it-by-ear trip the whole way through. Here are some highlights:)



“I’m stoked! Last week end was the Finals of the Billabong Flaunt, an all-girls slopestyle contest happening in my hometown, Tremblant!
I had an amazing time! It was about 15 celsius outside, I saw a bunch of my girlfriends I haven’t seen in a year, laugh the whole, worked my magic and to top it all of, I pocket a sum of 150$ for 5th place on a total of 40 of the best chikas in Canada, even had a couple of Americans showing up!




Here’s a couple pics from the contest! After party pics, coming up shortly…What!? I have to finish my Lomography’s film first!

It shouldn’t take long since I’m heading in St-Sauveur for the Shakedown Rail jam tonight, the biggest contest in Canada. It’s spread on 2 days, tonight is the rail jam in which I’m gonna kick some ass ;)! And tomorrow is the Shakedown (massive 50 foot jump followed by the rail set-up, which is usually gnarly!)

This year is the first year girls are even allowed to step in the course, Oakley threw some big coins in there to make it happen! Nikita is also a proud sponsor of the event for a couple of years already! Ha! See how avangardist we are!!!!!

Stay tuned for some party pics my friends!!!”




That’s the question we’ll be e-mailing soon and it really could be you!


If you fancy having a go at winning the chance to go to Miami from 4th – 12th May ’09 with the Nikita crew, all you have to do is take some photos of yourself and e-mail it to us.  Two lovely ladies will be chosen shortly after the entry deadline to fly with the team to Miami, to get made up and dressed up in next Spring Summer’s 2010 streetwear collection.  The Nikita Photoshoot Contest is still on, so get your entries in to us by 15th April ‘09.  Don’t forget to have fun with it too!


Check out the photos of Pia Anette Brandvik and Laura Austin, winners from the last contest, shot on location in Berlin for the Fall / Winter 2009 collection out later this year.






·          Include your name, address, date of birth and contact details

·          You can send in as many pictures as you want but no more than 2MB file size in total for all pics

·          E-mail your entries to before 15th April 2009

·          Entrants must be able to travel to the photoshoot location from 4th – 12th May 2009


* Please note that entrants must be 18 years old or over and have a valid passport.  Your entries may also be showcased via Nikita’s website, Myspace and Facebook.


Just shot some photos of my friends band “Good Avery”  at an amazing venue in Fullerton called the Continental. The venue was sultry and seductive, red velvet curtains with tufted booths. Rich crimson light hovered above dancing delinquents. My friend Melissa Loschy plays the viola. They have a unique indie folk sound, inspired by a mixture of Bob Dylan and Delta Spirit. 





Tis the season for flips flops ans surfboards. My internal seasonal clock is off, it ticks and tocks from mtns and snow covered rocks. 22 years of rhythmic seasons, over the desert wall into california weather it all blends together, summer winter spring and fall. And yet I have fallen feet first into the Pacific.






My Eco Kayaking tours have started up again in Laguna Beach, and my Marine Bio classes have been paying off in the form of tourist tips! For christmas I got a vintage 1980’s metal detector the “Garret Master Hunter II”. I have yet to find treasure, only my car keys, but rest assured you will hear about it when I do. This is my final attempt to strike it rich!




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