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Magalie at the Billabong Flaunt

Posted on: April 8, 2009



“I’m stoked! Last week end was the Finals of the Billabong Flaunt, an all-girls slopestyle contest happening in my hometown, Tremblant!
I had an amazing time! It was about 15 celsius outside, I saw a bunch of my girlfriends I haven’t seen in a year, laugh the whole, worked my magic and to top it all of, I pocket a sum of 150$ for 5th place on a total of 40 of the best chikas in Canada, even had a couple of Americans showing up!




Here’s a couple pics from the contest! After party pics, coming up shortly…What!? I have to finish my Lomography’s film first!

It shouldn’t take long since I’m heading in St-Sauveur for the Shakedown Rail jam tonight, the biggest contest in Canada. It’s spread on 2 days, tonight is the rail jam in which I’m gonna kick some ass ;)! And tomorrow is the Shakedown (massive 50 foot jump followed by the rail set-up, which is usually gnarly!)

This year is the first year girls are even allowed to step in the course, Oakley threw some big coins in there to make it happen! Nikita is also a proud sponsor of the event for a couple of years already! Ha! See how avangardist we are!!!!!

Stay tuned for some party pics my friends!!!”



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