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Kelly Dunn’s Journal Entry

Posted on: March 27, 2009

I have been wearing all my band shirts out, and my nikita tshirts from last year because it has been warming up.  I went out to a st patty’s day parade this weekend and street skated there the entire time on one gap KILLING my legs!  I had to walk up to my car up a 3 mile city road that slants up at like a 70 degree angle, so my thighs feel like I ran a marathon, still… my legs haven’t hurt this bad since I was really young lol!  However, I have a few pictures from that day street skating, none with the parade sadly.  We are working on a video for me, but the last weekend I went out street skating I somehow erased all my footage, so I was angry I have to go back and re do it all!

(the first pic is me pre smacking my lip onto that rail, it was the first try and the last try, i was attempting to manual ollie out and it idn’t work, luckily my lip ring took the blow lol then there are some from when i got back to the park)








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