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Maria Falbo’s work experience at NIKITA HQ!

Posted on: March 20, 2009

My Iceland trip in brief….
..was the perfect way to start 2009.  Manchester was getting too cold and damp, and my central heating was down. 

I was given a nice little room and a bike to travel around on, thanks to Helga. I became very attached to the bike towards the end, and in my head thought I could be like Alex from Flashdance. (Idol)  Haha.  My days at the office were chilled and it was great to see where it all happened and how.  Giving my geeky hat knowledge to the designers was my main purpose over the two weeks I feel. And cooking meatballs for the whole office being another important part of my work experience.  Lunches in the office were always a treat. Big up Nikita lunch time crew! 


One thing I did find odd was the time that the sun rose. It was still dark at 10am. Weird at first but I adapted pretty quickly. Another odd thing…swimming outside in a blizzard. Crazy tough Icelandic folk! Was a cool experience though. The Icelandic’s sure know how to drink too. Helga and her friends killed me..way too much Viking beer. 


Heida managed to take me snowboarding, which was deadly. I hadn’t been for 5 years and was thrown straight into full on powder. So much fun…. Slammed loads but worth it. I got to dress up in all the Nikita garms so I was happy. Frontin’ on the slopes. 🙂

Iceland is a beautiful country full of beautiful party people.  Next time I plan to stay longer, and check out the blue lagoon… everyone is shocked that I didn’t pay it a visit; and eat some traditional cuisine.. rotten shark apparently.  However I did manage to see the northern lights.. stoked. 


Thanks to Nikita for letting me come chill for a while.   XXX



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