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Posted on: March 19, 2009




About Rogue:

Rogue, the UK’s first and currently only all girl skate team was set up 4 years ago (2005) to give female skateboarders a platform for media exposure and also to create a focal point for emerging talent.  Since then the team have been the focus of much unexpected and increased media attention and received an unprecedented volume of views online from the skate community for their 2007 & 2008 tours Mega Mission & Let the Good Times Roll-actually crashing the rogue website with tens of thousands of hits on the first day.

As If You What:

Rogue will be releasing ‘As If you What’ a UK girls skate film to showcase the top female riders in the UK. On 12th December 2009. The 5 Rogue riders: Maria Falbo, Jenna Selby, Helena Long, Georgina Winter and Fran Stroud are being joined by high profile previous team riders Lucy Adams, Lois Pendlebury, Laura Crane, Sadie Hollins and Emma Richardson for the film.  Akin to Rogue, the film is also one of a kind, never having been produced before now in the UK.

With the possibility of Skateboarding being included in the 2012 Olympics, the times ripe for gaining coverage to promote the sport.  Following Rogues own success and positive feedback from around the world as well as example successes, including Americas ‘Villa Villa Cola’ there’s a strong opportunity for this kind of video in the UK this year.

The Film:

Produced by Empire Design, the final video will have separate sections showing the main girls (all the top female skaters in the UK involved). The film will include 3 separate “friends” montage sections including a showcase from the UKs most influential female skater – Sue Hazel – who has submitted footage from over 3 decades. 

The Rogue promo is currently underway with filming taking place across the UK including in London, Manchester and Swansea amongst others. The film will also include footage from the forthcoming tour to France.



tel: Jenna Selby +44 (0) 7729 305 695


The Opportunity:

Sponsorship opportunities across activity and within the film itself:

Skate video

40 minute film to be released 12th December 2009

Product placement– Product placement is available within the film itself as well as accompanying promo photography for maximum film exposure. Filming & photographing will take place between April & late September.


Product Giveaways– For competitions with key magazines, online and throughout planned tour promotional activity.


Film and tour branding– Title branding and or logo inclusion within the film and on all marketing material. Exposure through all PR and promotional activity – across web, press, print & retail. Banner placement throughout the tour and other events.


DVD giveaway– Opportunity for branding of free magazine DVD cover-mount giveaway of the film- In conjunction with a leading Skate magazine.


Launch event

Live Skate ‘demo on the day’ & Photography exhibition from 12th December 2009.


Branding and exposure – Opportunity for inclusion at

Launch day event + two week long photography exhibition in conjunction with main uk skate magazine Sidewalk.


Skate Tour France

Supported by SideWalk, Huck and Cooler – 27th July –  2nd August

Tour branding– including banners, product placement and through all supporting promotional activity.

Magazine coverage already confirmed with Sidewalk, Huck and Cooler. Online with,,,       plus many others.


UK Girls Skateboarding Competition




Promo at 8th annual competition held at Pioneer Skate Park 8th May 2009

Event exposure– including through placement of banners, product giveaways and logo inclusion on print material. Inclusion within marketing and PR activities. At present the event is the only girls competition to be held in the UK and is expected to receive a great deal of media coverage


Video Teaser


Promo snippets for online release 6th march 2009

Teaser Branding– Branding opportunity. To be released in conjunction with major UK skate mag SideWalk and streamed online through Mpora:


Ladies day preview

Video promo for general use (Event 27th Feb)

Online branding of promotional content– As a precursor to activities, a preview showing took place at the Liverpool ‘ladies day’ festival style Skate event featuring no1top world riders.This has been filmed can be branded before being made available online and used throughout promo activity.


Media Promotions

Ongoing promotions during the lead up to release.

Inclusion within promotion– The film and supporting activities will be supported by a full viral and PR campaign targeted at skate media on and offline as well as mainstream publications and ‘girls’ specific media. Current media supporters already include Crossfire, Sidewalk,, Cooler, Huck and of course the film will receive coverage on Mpora and the official Rogue website. Of coverage already secured, this includes a monthly feature on Rogue with Crossfire throughout the entire period leading up to the release.


There will be an opportunity to fully brand and receive inclusion in all press releases and supporting features as well as to integrate any existing brand campaigns belonging to a sponsor.



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