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Alice Gong at the DC Mountain Lab

Posted on: March 19, 2009


I just had an amazing St. Patty’s Day riding at the DC Mountain Lab! Unfortunately there was not much snow but we all managed to have a good time:) It was a beautiful warm sunny 60 degree day and the whole Canyons crew was stoked. A lot had melted out but we were able to session the jumps, wall ride, log jam and some other features.



The rope tow was also action, although only half way up, it was awesome lapping. I STRUGGLED with the rope tow, definitely glad I actually brought some stretchy gloves… After lunch of cheddar brats, burgers and beers, thanks to Cheeseburger, we sessioned the bmx line that ended with a tree jump. Before we left we watched Jonas Carlson going HUGE on a hip at sunset. He made it look so easy!



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