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Posted on: March 5, 2009

Wow! I’ve had a pretty hectic past month!! Sorry I didn’t give news earlier guys!

I went back home to Quebec the beginning of december. I was so glad to see my family again, because I hadn’t seen them in 9 months! However, I sure didn’t miss the siberian coldness of Quebec, so dry it kills you threw the bones! I rode a couple times at Tremblant, my home mountain, but wow it was cold!
It was my birthday on the 17th, oh yes! Big 2-3, aaaah! Getting old ;)!  My sister got in town from Mexico, and we celebrated Christmas.  I got tons of great girfts and lots of love :)!!!


I coached the Shakedown camp from december 26-29, it was really great to see younger girls ripping in Quebec. It’s dope to see them getting motivated and wanting to go hit some street set up! Girls get so much more support in Quebec nowadays, and I’m so glad to be able to give back somehow :)! I gave all my campers a Celtek facemask.

I left Montreal on the 29th right after coaching with 3 of my buddies! Esthera Preda, Laurie Gauvin, Marc-André Vigneault, and I drove straight to Salt Lake City, UT. After 39 hours, many energy drinks to the point where you still got the shake in your sleep style, one too many Mc Donald’s stops, a back/butt ache, a crazy 12 hours storm, a sketchy custom but that’s nothing new, no window washer for half the road, and almost a speeding ticket, we finally reached destination. We got in SLC at 7:30 am on the 1st, so we pretty much overshot the countdown by 7 1/2 hours.  This was my bad as I thought for some reason we were superheros, or something, and could make it in 30 hours! Opps, never trust the French they said!!!!



Anyway, we made it in one piece and that’s what counts!  We ended up celebrating New Years at a truck stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming! hahaha!


I shot for pretty much a month straight with my friends for a website called 33mag, a pretty legit website in Quebec, which covers the snowboard, skateboard, fashion and underground music scenes. My girls and I have our own channel on their website, and we’re gonna have 8 webisodes. The first one just got posted, so I invite you to follow our adventure in Utah on 33mag!  We got to ride a couple different resorts, partied at the DC mountain lab, rode rail gardens, saw some friends from QC, and hung out with amazing people! Here’s the link that will bring you straight to our channel and the first episode!
Check the photos as well…




In the meanwhile, after driving for 39 hours with the same people, you either realize how much you dislike a person, or how much you have affinities together. Luckily for us, the second option applied :)! We discovered that all our personalities, talents, and ambitions were complimentary to each others… We then fell in love with each other and decided to create an alliance between us (Esthera, Laurie, June and I) and created the “Peep show” project! We decided to take the matter into our hands, and started our own all-girl movie project. We wanted to show more the artistic and raw side of snowboarding, while having a blast with a bunch of my underdogs girls. In my eyes they all kill it and don’t get enough love. Not taking ourselves too seriously here, we’re still in it for the fun of it, but hey, why not uh?!! We got a teaser ready for Vegas and got some pretty awesome feedbacks from it! We’re getting backed up by a lot of people right now and it’s dope to see that happening! Our lil’ baby is starting to get a bit bigger than we expected, haha!!


Anyway, we’ll be shooting all season and summer to bring you guys “Peep show”.  Keep your eyes peeled because it’ll be fresh blood in your tube baby!! Here’s the teaser, better watch it cause that one kills it even more…!

As I mentioned earlier, I went to Vegas end of January for the last Las Vegas SIA and well, it was Vegas!! Too much of everything, but hey, can’t have too much fun even in sin city! I missed the Transworld pool award, but I got to see Redman. He is soo dope live and got to party with a bunch of homies I haven’t seen in a while!!



Went back in SLC! Got dumped on when I got back, so I’ve just been shredding for fun at the resorts, getting my park runs back! Mainly I’ve been getting a bunch of pow and sick turns, sooooo dope! That’s basically the best feeling in the world! Since the snow was so good, a bunch of people from out of town were in SLC. So I rode a bunch with Gabby! Hung out with my fellow Les Ettes teammates Lisa and Jenny,  plus Kimmy was staying at my house, so that was pretty fun to be all together!!!






I also had a lil’ photoshoot with Justin L’Heureux for the Les Ettes team webpage, and that turned out to be quite a funny evening! Check out the webpage , it should be up end of March… Check out what the pics came out like, ha!

After that I went to Mammoth for the Nikita Chikita.  I rode June mountain the first day, and it was soo fun!! I stayed at the Nikita house with most of my teammates, and I was so glad to see all of my girls that I haven’t seen in a while! Izzy, Colleen and Maribeth we’re definitely my highlights since I haven’t seen them in a very long time! Definitely was looking for our girls night out, but I ended up barely  remembering it :)! The party started at 9:00, and I had a blue wristband which meant free drinks all night!!! Oho, blue means trouble!!!









Anyway, went back to SLC and met up with a couple of Quebec’s filmers.  The filmers are doing a 30 minute TV show on me and Peep Show as well.  The TV spot will be airing on TV5, the French channel, and we’re shooting it in English as well, so it might end up somewhere else also! I’ll keep ya updated on that; it should come out in august!!

So yeah, busy means good, haha!

Anyway, I’ll keep ya updated!
Take care!
Maggi xox




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