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Ladies Room at Waterville Valley

Posted on: March 4, 2009

Waterville Valley, January 15 2009… Amazing weather, a perfectly groomed park and awesome coaches awaited a great turnout of girls at the Ladies Room that went down Saturday 1/10 and Sunday 1/11!  On Saturday the skies were blue and excitement was in the air as the girls met coaches Hana Beaman, Desiree Melancon, Iris Lazz, Jacqui Berg and Colleen Quigley. The crew of girls warmed up with laps on the White Peaks Quad with Desiree and Iris leading the way. A few were even lucky enough to  stumble upon the super secret locals only gauntlet known as the Tunnel of Love. Meanwhile Hana and Jacqui took charge in the Little Slammer park with their crew, teaching the girls a slew of tricks ranging from boardslides to 270´s.  In the afternoon, the literal and figurative bar was raised during the Oakley high ollie contest, but the moves really got hot later during a dance off for some fresh Nikita gear.


On Sunday giant flakes were falling from the sky with four inches already on the ground, but that didn’t slow anyone down.  After lunch, Desiree was knocking people out left and right in the most intense game of Simon Says ever.  Shortly after Simon  said to “get REALLY into the hair swinging and air guitaring” a victor was named and the campers headed back to the slopes.  The girls took their new moves to the Exhibition Park, where the landings were soft, fluffy and waiting to be claimed.  The Sunday afternoon session on the down bar was the perfect end to a weekend of riding with new friends, coaches and campers stomping tricks and progressing together. 


To wrap things up there was a HUGE giveaway that included awesome prizes from Snowboarder Magazine, Nikita, Oakley, Redbull, Zinka, Burton, Airblaster,  Dakine, Dekal and Eastern Boarder.  Smiles, snowboarding and friends, a perfect weekend!


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