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Jam & Cake event in Estonia

Posted on: February 27, 2009

On 6th February the Motel Paradise Jam & Cake demo and comp took place in the heart of Tartu, Estonia, right in front of the town hall.  Most of the best riders from Estonia and Latvia were there to enjoy themselves; all riders basically know one another and are friends too. 


img_203621img_38843_mg_1579123412721814ow1_mg_1707123412801786yf1The main thing was that everybody had a good time, did some great jumps and jibbs for the audience.  The jump was 9 meters high and the youngest competitor was a 6 year old girl!!  She was the only girl and needless to say she got lots of Nikita goodies, what a star! 


There was a DJ playing throughout the day and everyone enjoyed some cake treats and hot drinks, followed by a pumping after-party. 


After such a great event and turn-out, our guys at Motel Paradise in Estonia have already received word from the city that they can definitely go ahead and do it again next year, happy days!!  So here’s looking forward to Jam & Cake number 3, destined to be bigger and better again next year.  See you there!


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