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Posted on: February 26, 2009

One of my New Years Resolutions is to keep track of all the places that I visit and things that I do throughout the winter season. I want to document it a little…So- this is my attempt to keep a snowboard “journal” of my experiences, travels, contests and whatever comes along with it…

*So far this season is off to a slow start for me. Shoulder surgery in August has got me still doing some PT and duck taping my arm down to my side when I ride. It makes it a little difficult to keep my balance in the air so I’m sticking to the ground (most of the time:) and the pow! I started off riding a few pow days at Mammoth when they opened in November… Tried to restrain from riding park but it may have happened a few times…At least I’m riding! Also got our pups trained to hang in the car while we shred. Now they love it!

*Next time was at June Mountain with a fun crew of shredders and for a night time shoot on some of the new park features. Jeremy Cooper and Sam ____ built a huge satelite dish, a crane and wrecking ball jib, and a giant cone to add to the amazing park at June Mnt. Although I didn’t get to jib any of the new features, I did get shuttled to the top of the mountain for a few sweet pow runs at sunset. Epic. I heart JM!



* After a few more days riding at Mammoth, It was finally opening day for June! (Actually, it got moved back a week because there wasn’t enough snow for the origional opening date. Kramer and I pushed back our trip to CO so that we could shred opening day!) It was awesome. Ran into all the usual Looper suspects and shredded lots of pow in the trees…Also shredded the World Famous Antler Bar! Great Day!

*The next morning, Jeff and I got all of our stuff and our pups, Biggie and Munchkin, loaded into the Suby and headed to CO for the Holidays… First stopped in Grand Junction to visit my sister and brother in law, and my adorable 15 month old nephew, Jovian. Next went down to Ridgway to visit the folks and meet up with my brother and his friend for some more pow at Telluride Mountain. We got dumped on all day and explored some of the newer runs that have been put in since I grew up there many years ago. Sick… Matt Skinner from marketing was very nice and hooked us up to cruise around the mountain. I always love coming back to my origional home mountain!


*Didn’t ride on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but it was snowing and we had a wonderful family Christmas with all of us there for the first time in many years… Next day we rode Telluride again with my brother and his friends and had an epic bluebird pow day. Probably couldn’t have been any better. Matt Skinner had the day off still managed to hook us up again anyway…


*Next we headed to Carbondale to meet up with Colin Langlois and our friend, Jersey who Jeff and I have both filmed with in the past. Colin rides for Aspen/Snowmass and had arranged for us to go into a closed off cliff section of Snowmass with a couple members of the ski partrol to guide us in. We met up with Melissa from marketing who gave us some tickets and a top row parking pass so that we could come check on the pups in the car throughout the day. She was so nice and even took a couple runs with us! It was nice fresh powder and both of the guys got a couple of good cliff shots on film… I got a few good tree runs and some little pillow lines in too!


* The next day was New Year’s Eve and we headed north to Steamboat and brought Colin with us. We met up with Adryan Ritter from and Steamboat local, Izzy Lalive. We celebrated the New Year in downtown Steamboat where my buddy “DJ Also Starring” was spinning. Lots of drinking and dancing. Good times! New Years Day, Scott Anfang, the terrain park manager, hooked us up with some tickets to ride for a few days. I ditched the duck tape on my shoulder and it felt great to have all of my balance back agagin! We rode all around and found some secret powder stashes, dropped some pillows lines, and cruised through lots of beautiful aspens… Steamboat has the best tree riding! Then the next day, Scott gave us a tour through all 4 of the terrain parks and explained to us how he is changing up the park scene this year. Steamboat is all about progression and there is a terrain park for every level of riding. We ended this trip with a very relaxing trip to the Strawberry Park natural hot springs. . Look for more on our trip to the ‘Boat’ on…




* We stopped to celebrate my mom’s birthday and say goodbye to the family in Grand Junction, on the way back home to CA. I had a doctor’s appt the day after we got home and he gave me the OK to go ‘snowboarding’. So I have been back in June/Mammoth pumping iron to strengthen my shoulder and snowboarding everyday… I am working on building my bag o’tricks!


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