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Norway’s Thea Stenshagen

Posted on: January 19, 2009

Thea Stenshagen sent over an e-mail with a few sweet shots. Thanks Thea!



“23 December 2008

I’m back home in Norway again, I’ve been away for three weeks now, two weeks in Colorado then I went back over to Europe, to Kaprun, Austria to compete in the Chicken Jam. I’ve had a great trip, and my ankle hasn’t been bothering me at all.

Colorado was a bit disappointing at first. They didn’t have as much snow as I had hoped and there were only rails and boxes at first. They finally got the jumps up three days before I left. It felt so good to be back again, I’d almost forgotten how much fun snowboarding was.  I did all my Christmas shopping in the US, even though the currency is bad now; it’s still a lot cheaper over there. My bags were stuffed, but I was able to fool the guys at the check in, so I didn’t have to pay any overweight.. Sweet. I’ve never been in the US before Christmas, so seeing all the crazy decorations is a funny experience to take home with me..

From Colorado the trip went back to Europe again, I met up with Kjersti Buaas, Kari Opsal and Silje Norendal at the airport in Denver. In Munich we had some problems finding the right size of the rental, but after trying to fit the luggage in three different cars we were off to Kaprun. We had a lot of bad weather down there, but they were able to run the practise and the qualification on Friday.  The practice went really good, but I kinda messed it up in the qualification and fell a lot. I still managed to qualify in 1st place, super stoked. We were all ready for the finales on Saturday, but the wind was to strong, and they had to postpone it. The wind was the same on Sunday, and in the end they had to cancel the whole competition. That sucked, cause I was feeling really good about my riding. Well, well, the European Open is just a month away, so I guess I have to make it up buy riding even better there.

I bought a camera in the US; I’m not used to bringing it with me all the time yet. I have some pictures, but I’ll try to get better at bringing the camera with me, so there will be more pictures later!

Here are some addresses you can check out too

I’m at the end of the video in a red jacket and blue pants..

Take care

Thea Stenshagen”




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