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Beanie got an RV!

Posted on: January 19, 2009

What is it with the Niktia babes purchasing RVs? Vera did it last season and now Beanie is right behind her doing the same. I guess we have some die hard road warriors out there searching for the best snow ever. Have fun Beanie!

Here’s her e-mail:


Happy New Year!

I just got out to Verbier, after a mission of a drive – 12 hours from Amsterdam to Verbier in my camper. She got here like a dream, although it is a little depressing cruising along the autobahn at 65 when everyone else is going by in the 100’s.

So set up in the campsite in Le Chable, and all set to head up the hill today, but flat as a pancake and being Sunday think the problem is going to have to wait till tomorrow. However looking forward to the winter and traveling round wherever the snow is. And once I have worked out the heating, hot water, etc. Woke up seeing my breath this morning, but toastie warm under numerous duvets, rugs, hot water bottle and cashmere socks!


Going to be in Verbier for the next ten days or so until Camilla (Stoddart – photographer) gets out here, then we are heading off to Engelberg – if she (the van) starts.


I have attached some photos of the very brown beastie – although there have been some upgrades, notably a massive 8 ski rack across the back which will look pimpin’ with my quiver of skis.




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