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Lisa Filzmoser’s Trip Across the Pond

Posted on: January 9, 2009

Lisa wrote i nto talk about her time spent here in the states. She went all over and even got to kick it with fellow Nikita girl, Clair Bidez!

“19 December 2008

Colorado Thanks Giving and Chatter Creek

Hi there!

The last two weeks I was overseas. The first week I went to Colorado, to Breckenridge, to get some early season riding in, but well there was not that much snow. So I rode the slopes and some boxes and rails. I met a lot of Euros there too. Clair Bidez was my amazing host and I celebrated for the first time Thanks Giving. We got soooo much food, it was incredible!


Then I went with the Helly Hansen team to Canada, to the Chatter Creek lodge, which is in interior BC, to do a catalogue shoot. It took us two days from Colorado to get to the Lodge, it is literally in the middle of nowhere.

So beautiful! An amazing lodge, supergood food and drinks 😉 We also got some powder in; it could have been more snow, to go crazy on those pillows. But this was a great start for the season!






Tomorrow I leave with Conny to the Chicken Jam in Kaprun. The weather forecast does not look too good. I hope though we will be lucky and get some sun. Anyways there is a masked ball on the program. Hehe Enjoy!



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