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Posted on: December 10, 2008

Hey Hey Nikita fam! Miss Crix(Crykit) has been holdin it down hard for the bgirls in the Bay Area these past 2 months..
As some of you know, Miss Crix is Supreme Soul’s first and only lady in the group. SS made it to the top 5 crews on MTV’S America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2 and continues to run the game with their innovative choreography including popping, krumping, housing, and breaking. We’ve recently launched SUPREMESOULTV for all the thousands of fans out there, now you can peep us real time at practice, events, back stage, parties, etc! Check out a recent performance at WORLD OF DANCE:
As always, Extra Credit Kru isn’t afraid to throw down anywhere anytime… This past Thursday Jeremy Fish and Miss Van had a huge gallery opening at Upper Playground in SF with a line around the block for hours. The party was full of famous djs, artists, designers, and more. The highlight of the after party was Crykit getting called out by top painter/tattoo artist: Henry Lewis! They went round for round on the dancefloor while dj legend Romanowski was droppin the tunes. Sorry, no footage of this historic time BUT the entire party was in awwww and she got mad props! So much fun!
SF’s leading dj/producer/artist J. Boogie just dropped his latest video for ‘INFERNO”. This track is the hit single from J. Boogie’s Dubtronic Science newest album entitled Soul Vibrations and features bgirls Miss Crix and Faye Boogie!! Get your boogie on and flash back to the roller disco days:
Aplus and Miss Crix have been entering battles religously these past few months and smokin bboys left and right! Here’s some footage sportin fresh Nikita gear from a couple local jams:
At Mighty4’s Supreme Bgirl battle Aplus made it to the finals and Miss Crix made it to semi-finals. Mighty4 is a traveling breaking battle that has been a yearly tradition for 10 years now! Please check out as they are a leading source for the hip hop community especially here in the Bay Area!!! Here’s a clip of both Aplus’s and Crix’s battle:
* Much LOVE from Extra Credit Kru/ Sisterz of the Underground

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